Damien Artéro


17 bis rue Valentin Gaumont

27200 Vernon – FRANCE

email address: damsontour@yahoo.fr

28 years old, full clean driving license

Java/J2EE, Web and E-Commerce Developer

Professional Experience

Ø     Oct. 03 to April 06 Teamlog S.A. [Grenoble - France], « J2EE Developer» pour France Telecom

                                 A massive campaign of web applications developments at France Telecom gives me the opportunity to work in a quite new environment ; I take part to two huge projects of web applications aiming at managing the private virtual phone networks from France Telecom’s clients. My work goes even farer than being a developer since with the IT team we produce detailed specifications and business, fonctionnal as well as relationnal models (UML) – and also build the  documentation for two main development tools at France Telecom, the MVC framework and the business framework.

Ø                                                             January 2003        Teamlog S.A. [Paris - France], « J2EE Developer »

                                 Within the J2EE Team, I am expressing my development skills ; my experience of Struts and knowledge of J2EE work well on e-projects (e-platforms for big companies like Air Liquide & Antargaz) and I gladly go back to Tomcat,  WebLogic as well as production environments like Unix. I'm also Look & Feel manager on a project and improve my knowledge of the Stylesheets.

Ø     November 2001    eInsurance A.G. [Munich, Germany] « Java Guru »

to  August 2002     A member of the I.T. team, I developed the backoffice projects, based on JSPs, Servlets, Struts, Velocity, Javascript , Toplink, JDBC, HTML. I was both designer and programmer, developed complete web-applications for other departments (accounts manager, accounts wizard, newsletters tool, sales manager…). A foreigner worker, I wrote the EInsurance‘s framework manual – in English, gathering information from both German documents and other employees’ experience.  I constructed a whole framework description as well as a step-by-step web-applications development manual, thus allowing new developments to gain in speed by referring to a complete and updated documentation. I also wrote a guide to software engineering and project management.

Ø     January 2001        BULL S.A. [Grenoble, France] DESS field-training, « E-Commerce project»

to August 2001      Implementation of an e-commerce site standard (TPC-W) onto an e-commerce Server (BEA WebLogic Commerce Server). The aim was to provide the e-commerce & sizing department with a complete platform fitting the standard e-commerce requirements to allow further experiments in the sizing domain.

Ø     July 2000 to          SNECMA Moteurs [Vernon, France] Master degree’s field training; graphic tool

September 2000   Java software for physical calculation and graphical representation in physic.

Ø     July 1999 &           CEHN [Vernon, France] Summer jobs

July 1998              Commercial sales, consulting, common financial operations.

Academic Qualifications                                                                                                     

Ø     2000-2001             DESS Software Engineering - Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France

Emphasis on J2EE, Web and E-Commerce developments (complete e-commerce site, mobile agents platform; work on CORBA and networks). Result: 2.1

Ø     1999-2000             Masters Degree Mont Saint Aignan University, Rouen, France

Emphasis on Java, networks and CAD (projects: Java/C Chatroom, C/OpenGL lego tool). Result: 2.1

Ø     1996-1999             Bachelors Degree - Mont Saint Aignan University, Rouen, France

Emphasis on Software Engineering and Unix (projects: Java Othello, C multithread library). Result: 2.1

Ø     1996                     French Baccalauréat in Scienceemphasis on MathematicsResult: 2.1


IT Experience                                                                                                                                

v    J2EE World:  Servlets, JSP, EJB, Toplink, JDBC… + BEA WebLogic (WLS, WLCS, WLPS) + GUI design/coding (SWING, AWT, Multimedia), Mobile Agents, Networks programming, etc.

v    Web Development:   HTML, XML, Struts, Turbine, Velocity, Tomcat, Log4J, Javascript, E-Commerce

v    Development tools:  JBuilder, Eclipse

v    Software Engineering :    UML (Rational Rose), Project Management (use-cases, activity diagrams..)

v    Miscellaneous: C, C++, SQL, UNIX Shells (BShell, Cshell…), Visual Basic, Delphi, MS Office.


§       English:      Good conversational level.

§       German:     Good conversational level.

§       Spanish:     Good conversational level.


An active sportsman, I regularly go mountain biking, running and hiking, as well as playing tennis, basket-ball, and snowboarding or skiing. I enjoy reading all types of literature, but particularly S.F., Fantasy, or historic novels. I regularly play the acoustic and electric guitars, and enjoy blues, rock and jazz music. Last but not least, I enjoy cooking (and eating!) really nice food… I gather recipes as well as sensations during my travels (Peru, Bolivia, Scotland, Irland, italy, Iceland..).